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    Ohio, Tenn., Utah teams capture National Cadet Competition honors

    July 25, 2013


    The champion Rocky Mountain Color Guard. 

    The co-champion Great Lakes Region Drill Team.

    The co-champion Southeast Region Drill Team.

    Cadet Master Sgt. Christopher Sorenson, Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Xavier Correa and Samantha Albright and Cadet Tech. Jon Micheal demonstrate the form that earned them a place at the National Cadet Competition as the Great Lakes Region Color Guard. All are members of the Wisconsin Wing’s Milwaukee Composite Squadron 5. 

    The Middle East Region Color Guard -- Cadet Senior Master Aaron Scanlan, Cadet 2nd Lt. Logan Parrish and Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Olivia Persing and Jonathan Yerger, all members of the Maryland Wing’s Carroll Composite Squadron – listen intently during the Panel Quiz.

    Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Dane Printz of the Southwest Region Color Guard concentrates during the Written Exam. Printz belongs to the Texas Wing’s Thunderbolt Composite Squadron.

    Three Rocky Mountain Drill Team members – Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Derek Lantis, Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Brian Mathwich and Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Parker Koppes – undergo inspection. Lantis and Koppes belong to the Thompson Valley Composite Squadron, while Mathwich is a Boulder Composite Squadron member.

    Drill team cadets strive for their personal bests in the Mile Run.
    Photo by Maj. James Kalemis, Great Lakes Region

    Cadet 2nd Lt. Jake Bernal just misses the volleyball while fellow Cadet 2nd Lt. Clair Gregory keeps an eye on the action as their Pacific Region Drill Team takes on the Northeast Region Team, whose Cadet Victor Zubrickas and Cadet Lt. Col. Nathan Sanders watch the play. Bernal and Gregory are members of the California Wing’s Eugene L. Carnahan Cadet Squadron 85; Sanders and Zubrickas belong to the New Jersey Wing’s Plainfield Composite Squadron.

    Photos by Maj. Paul H. Creed III, Ohio Wing, except as indicated


    NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – The Ohio, Tennessee and Utah wings took home first-place honors during National Cadet Competition, as the Utah Wing won the color guard crown and the Ohio and Tennessee wings shared first place among drill teams.

    While the placements of the teams were announced at the awards presentation and on the competition’s Facebook page, a later review of the results of the mile run -- which were not fully vetted before being used to determine winners -- uncovered a scoring error. After discussions with the affected region commanders and CAP National Headquarters staff, Maj. Gen. Charles Carr, national commander, made the decision to adjust the standings of the teams.
    “Acknowledging our process errors and failure to accurately determine team standings demonstrates our adherence to CAP’s core values. A complete systematic review of NCC scoring processes will be undertaken to prevent future occurrences,” said Col. Russell Chazell, CAP’s National chief of staff. 
    Cadets participating in the competition reach the national stage by winning group, wing and regional competitions. The eight CAP regions were represented by 124 cadets on either a four-member color guard or a 13-member drill team. Eight color guards and six drill teams competed.
    “National Cadet Competition exemplifies the values of the CAP cadet program,” said Lt. Col. Steve Piehl, the activity’s director. “Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, aerospace knowledge, leadership skills and physical fitness in contests against their peers from around the country, and the winners are recognized as the best of the best.” '
    The cadets demonstrated their skills in events involving precision and teamwork, such as standard and innovative drill movements and indoor and outdoor posting of the American flag.  Other activities tested creativity and knowledge of aerospace-related topics, including a written exam and panel quiz, as well as physical fitness challenges such as volleyball and a mile run.
    In the color guard competition, Cadet Master Sgt. Damon Printz of the Southwest Region team paced males in the mile run with a 5:24 performance, while Cadet 2nd Lt. Jean Pendergrass of the Pacific Region team recorded the fastest mile among females at 6:27. Printz is a member of the Texas Wing’s Thunderbolt Composite Squadron. Dickerson belongs to the California Wing’s Skyhawk Composite Squadron 47.  
    For the drill teams, Cadet Tech. Sgt. Brian Haight of the Great Lakes Region had the fastest mile run among males at 5:13, and Cadet Lt. Col. Abigail Dickerson of the Southeast Region recorded a 6:16 mile to pace female runners. Haight is a member of the Ohio Wing’s Youngstown ARS Composite Squadron; Dickerson belongs to the Tennessee Wing’s Lewis County Cadet Squadron.
    Cadet 2nd Lts. Olivia Persing and Nathan Wilson, both representing the Middle East Region, earned the highest written exam scores among color guard and drill team members, respectively. Persing is a member of the Maryland Wing’s Carroll Composite Squadron, and Wilson belongs to the North Carolina Wing’s Apex Cadet Squadron.
    Other winners included the Pacific Region team from California, which placed second in color guard competition; the color guard teams from the North Central and Southeast regions – hailing from Nebraska and Florida, respectively– tied for third.  
    The third-place drill team award went to the Pacific Region team from the California Wing.  
    Also, the Middle East Region Color Guard from Maryland and the Northeast Region Drill Team from New Jersey were recognized with Spirit Awards for demonstrating the greatest team spirit during the competition
    Teams of senior CAP officers from across the nation and members of the honor guard from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base judged the inspections and drill competitions, while volleyball professionals judged the volleyball competition.
    The National Cadet Competition is one of more than 30 National Cadet Special Activities being sponsored by CAP across the nation this summer. These activities allow cadets to hone their skills in a variety of areas – including search and rescue, flight and emergency services, science, leadership fundamentals, citizenship and military courtesies – and to explore aerospace technology and aviation careers.
    Rocky Mountain Region Color Guard – Utah Wing
    • Cadet 2nd Lt. Rosalyn Carlisi, Webber Minutemen Composite Squadron
    • Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Zane Cabading,  Webber Minutemen Composite Squadron, and Broc Hoggan, Cache Valley Composite Squadron  
    • Cadet Tech. Sgt. Trey Talcott, Phantom Cadet Squadron
    • Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Matthew Bracken, Phoenix Cadet Squadron
    Great Lakes Region Drill Team – Ohio Wing
    • Cadet Lt. Col. Aubry Lindauer
    • Cadet Maj. Megan Beatty
    • Cadet Capts. Emily Conroy and Nathaniel Forrider  
    • Cadet 2nd Lts. Vanessa Betz, Caleb Durfee and Brian Hunter Jr. 
    • Cadet Staff Sgts. Matthew Chamberlain and Ethan Lint
    • Cadet Tech. Sgts. Michael Gentile, Brian Haight and  Connor O’Kane
    • Cadet Airmen 1st Class Christian Durfee and Cyrel Newcome 
    All are members of the Youngstown ARS Composite Squadron


    Southeast Region Drill Team – Tennessee Wing
    • Cadet Lt. Cols. Casey Brinegar, Timothy Brinegar and Abigail Dickerson, Lewis County Composite Squadron 
    • Cadet Majs. Anna and Rachel Dickerson, Lewis County Composite Squadron, and Stewart Wreyford, Smyrna Composite Squadron
    • Cadet Capts. Josh Brinegar and Elliot Schwahn, Lewis County Composite Squadron, and Michael Kiedrowski, Williamson County Cadet Squadron  
    • Cadet 1st Lt. Ian Clara, Smyrna Composite Squadron
    • Cadet 2nd Lt. Kari Samuelson, Lewis County Composite Squadron 
    • Cadet Chief Master Sgts. Samuel Dickerson, Lewis County Composite Squadron, and Paul Schwarzentraub, McGhee-Tyson Composite Squadron
    • Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Adam Walker, Music City Cadet Squadron
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