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    15 from CAP-USAF complete FEMA ICS training

    March 1, 2017

    The training participants.

    Fourteen CAP-USAF officers and a senior noncommissioned officer completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency Intermediate and Advanced Incident Command Courses (ICS) 300/400 at Carswell Joint Reserve Base, Texas. 

    The participants represented active-duty and reserve CAP-USAF liaison officers from Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters and six regions.  They devoted four straight days to attending presentations and participating in exercises provided by CAP Lt Cols. Bob Ditch, FEMA/Emergency Management Institute-CAP National Headquarters liaison, and Paul Spencer, FEMA Region 6 senior watch officer; both members of the Civil Air Patrol. 

    Ditch and Spencer were augmented by Maj. Todd Canale, a CAP-USAF reservist who is also fire chief at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. 

    The training session marked the first time CAP-USAF officers were provided the opportunity to train as a group in the command and control program, mandated by presidential directive and implemented nationwide by CAP. 

    “The course was offered by instructors who held an incredible breadth of experience and knowledge of ICS, in a CAP-centric format, affording a great opportunity for real-world application to CAP operations,” said Lt. Col. Nathan Healy, CAP-USAF director of operations.

    “These courses will become the baseline for future professional development of CAP-USAF officers in domestic command and control operations, supporting CAP operations and evaluations for the future,” Healy said.

    Said Ditch, “We hope to continue to support CAP-USAF with these and other Incident Management Team courses, helping to raise the bar of professionalism in CAP incident management operations.”


    The participants


    Col. Lennie Simpson

    Lt. Cols. Brinkley Church, Kevin Cummings, Eric Friar, Nathan Healy, Jordan Lee, Jeffrey Meyers, Thomas Phillips, Paul Spicer and Monyca Uecker

    Majs. Todd Canale, Pedro Feliciano and Aric Holly

    Senior Master Sgt. Vickie Spratley

    Richard Bungarden

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