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    National Headquarters gives final salute to deceased members

    June 2, 2010

    NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters pays respect to the following members and former members who have passed away:

    Capt. Ernest L. Brazee                        
    Grand Forks Composite Squadron
    North Dakota Wing

    2nd Lt. Seymour C. Burke

    Plainfield Composite Squadron
    New Jersey Wing

    Lt. Col. John Copley
    Headquarters Squadron
    Idaho Wing

    Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Morris Courtright Jr.
    Headquarters Squadron
    Arizona Wing

    1st Lt. Richard A. Eisenshtadt            
    South Oakland Cadet Squadron
    Michigan Wing

    Cadet Jordan S. Erickson                  
    James Valley Composite Squadron
    North Dakota Wing

    Col. Herbert F. Gray                           
    Headquarters Squadron
    Northeast Region

    Col. Paul C. Halstead
    New York Wing

    Maj. Michael A. Jeskin          
    Pancho Barnes Composite Squadron 49
    California Wing

    Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Robert S. Juroszek                      
    Keystone Country Cadet Squadron 1504
    Pennsylvania Wing

    Lt. Col. Joseph B. Lepiscopo 
    Long Island Group
    New York Wing

    Cadet Kara L. Lundby                      
    Lewis and Clark Composite Squadron
    Montana Wing

    Capt. Patricia B. Palmer                      
    Connecticut Wing

    1st Lt. David W. Peabody Jr.
    Hemet Ryan Composite Squadron 59
    California Wing

    2nd Lt. Marlene J. Riddle
    Headquarters Squadron
    New York Wing

    Lt. Col. Roy E. Snidow                       
    Highlands County Senior Squadron
    Florida Wing

    Maj. Laurence C. Williams    
    Mercer County Composite Squadron
    West Virginia Wing         


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