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October-December '15
New E-edition of the
Civil Air Patrol Volunteer

Be sure to check out the videos on pages 8, 19, 38 and 44. The U.S. Air Force
video of the CAP encampment at Barksdale Air Force Base, on page 8, is courtesy
of Airman 1st Class Lauren O’Connor of the Air Force Global Strike Command.
Two of the other videos are from CNN and Weather Channel reports.

Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez - Civil Air Patrol National Commander
and Chief Executive Officer
Don R. Rowland - Chief Operating Officer
John Salvador - Senior Director
Julie M. DeBardelaben - Managing Editor
Steve Cox - Associate Editor
Marie Troy - Graphic Design
Contributing Writers

Dan Bailey, Kristi Carr, Jennifer S. Kornegay,
Lt. Col. David A. Miller, Lt. Col. Lori Raska,
Markeshia Ricks, Russell Slater, Ginny Smith
and Maj. Mary Story 

Col. Joseph A. Guimond Jr. - Northeast Region Staff
Lt. Col. Steven Solomon - National Public Affairs Manager
Lt. Col. Paul Cianciolo - National Marketing/Social Media Manager
Capt. Susan Parson - National Stan/Eval Officer




CAP National Headquarters
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