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Be sure to check out the videos on pages 5, 8 and 50.

Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez - Civil Air Patrol National Commander
and Chief Executive Officer
Don R. Rowland - Chief Operating Officer
John Salvador - Senior Director
Julie M. DeBardelaben - Managing Editor
Steve Cox - Associate Editor
Marie Troy - Graphic Design
Contributing Writers

Kristi Carr, Jennifer S. Kornegay, Mitzi Palmer,
Markeshia Ricks, Russell Slater
and Kimberly L. Wright

Col. Carlton Sumner - Chief of Operations Training
Col. Joseph A. Guimond Jr.
- Northeast Region Staff
Lt. Col. Steven Solomon - National Public Affairs Manager
Lt. Col. Paul Cianciolo - National Marketing/Social Media Manager

CAP National Headquarters
105 South Hansell Street
Bldg. 714
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6332
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